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Hey there!
I was recently tagged by :iconjotunheimreject: for a '10 facts about me' questionnaire, so thanks for that~
(Dom actually really loves answering questions. :D)

Because of that, I decided I wanted to do three things with this journal entry.
I'll just be sharing what's going on so far, why I haven't been posting too much lately, and I really need to mention that Wickfield's open for commissions.

So first things first!


I want to point you towards :iconwickfield: who's taking commissions right now!
If you haven't checked out her stuff already, she's very talented and has a lot of really terrific stuff.
She's done with commissions by December 5th, so hurry and help her out please!
Check out her prices here:
COMMISSIONS OPENHi guys, just in time for the holidays I am opening commissions for two weeks!  I could definitely use the money so if you like my artwork please help me out!
I will draw the following for your original characters or you:
BW sketch (bust): $5
BW full body: $12
Color bust $18
Color full-body : $25
Add simple background: $5
**Please note that I am NOT doing fanart commissions.
COMMISSIONS CLOSE SATURDAY, DECEMBER 5 so please reserve your slots soon, thanks!

(Hopefully someone will see that and I'll have helped out with your commissions, Wick :XD:
Otherwise I'll have just embarrassed myself really... but that's alright. HAHA)


    Secondly, I just wanted to talk about what's going on in Dom's life currently!
Right now, I'm in my last year of high school. It really did come so much faster than I thought and it feels like it's coming at me way too fast for my liking. I feel like I'm just in a constant state where I have no idea what's going on and I'm just making up everything as I go along. So far, I feel like I'm doing fine. I'm surviving! haha

Grade 12 has been giving me tons of homework though. I used to wonder why the seniors were always complaining about homework cause I never really thought it was that bad, but oh... it is. :XD:
I haven't had a lot of time to draw for myself and when it got to the weekend, I usually had some really big project to do for a class. I could only fit in some really small doodles and sketch exercises into my schedule and they never really went on here, but my tumblr.

By the way, I upload a bit more there than I do here! At least, I upload more sketches over on my art tumblr than I do on DA. So if you're interested, please check that out! ^^

I'm planning a lot of pieces to upload on here soon! I want to work more on original stuff rather than a lot of fanart. I'll still probably do fanart sketches but they might just go on my tumblr. But yeah -- I definitely want to do some more original pieces of things that inspire me!
I really want to start drawing pages for my Swan Lake comic during my winter break next month. I've been feeling really great about how it's shaping so far and I'm just gonna try to have fun with the new pages and not add any pressure to myself while doing them. I've always felt really nervous working on the pages because they always never turn out how I want them to. I have such a clear vision of them that I can never really quite execute properly. I'm just gonna roll with whatever happens and hopefully something good comes out of that. haha
I've got more stories/comics that I want to start sharing. I won't be working on any pages for them at all until Swan Lake is finished. I'm pretty excited though to start posting the development that's going on for those stories. I feel pretty strongly about the characters so far and I hope someone out there will have some interest in them and the stories they'll inhabit!

I've been working on a portfolio for art university lately so a lot of the pieces that I'll upload eventually will most likely be included in that portfolio. If it's not schoolwork, it's the portfolio that has me really busy. If you guys ever have any tips and stuff you want to talk about regarding portfolios, just shoot! I'd be happy to get some advice~

Also, once I'm done with a piece to send to someone, I'm planning to open up commissions myself pretty soon!
I just want to know if there would be an interest in that?? It'll be sketch commissions... for prices, I'm thinking $5 - $20. So please look out for that soon!

And lastly...

10 Facts about Dom:

1. I'm actually not very good at stating facts about myself. For some reason, teachers really love doing this in class so whenever it happens where we all have to share a random fact about ourselves, I get really panicky and usually just end up going with 'I like lasanga.'

2. I like lasagna.

3. I recently got obsessed with online shopping and I've got a ton of stuff on my wishlist now. HAHA
I'm controlling myself though. I'll try to treat myself only on holidays and big occasions.

4. I really don't like riding transit trains and buses.

I can't swim but I really wish I could.

My new favorite author right now is Gillian Flynn. I got through Gone Girl, Sharp Objects, and Dark Objects. In that order too haha
I'm still waiting to get a hold of The Grownup.

I went to see Florence + The Machine in concert this year and it was my first concert as well! Ever, ever.

The most amazing thing I've probably ever seen this year was a dark stadium lit up by thousands of glowing lights (well, phones lol)
I felt like I was visiting the night sky~
This happened at the Florence concert!

I discovered recently that I actually quite enjoy traditional painting!

I like seeing people dance and I wish I was the type of person who could dance or feel free to~


Now for :iconjotunheimreject:'s questions:

10 Questions:

1. What's your favorite food?
Right now, it's this Filipino beef stew called 'Caldereta.'

2. Any holiday plans?
Nothing really big planned out. I think I'm just gonna stay home this Christmas!
We were originally going to go to Disneyland in December but that got cancelled haha. This is the second time this year we've cancelled a Disneyland trip. So sad~

3. What are you looking forward to in the future?
Graduating from high school and moving on to university. At the same time, that really terrifies me.

4. What goals do you hope to accomplish on D.A.?
Oh gosh. Hmm...
I never really went on here with any sort of goal.
But what I am trying to do right now is really get my work out there on multiple sites and see what happens! So there's that~ :)

5. Any movies you're looking forward to?
Oh, so many! HAHA
Off the top of my head, The Huntsman: Winter's War, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad, Alice Through the Looking Glass, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Finding Dory, The Jungle Book...
That's all I can really think of right now. There is a TON more that I'm following though, I'm sure.

6. Gamer?
I usually tell people I'm not... but that's just because I'm really terrible when playing games. (any sort of game really.)
So I'm going to say, yes! I'm a gamer but a really bad one.

7. Favorite tv show?
Oh my.
Way too hard to pick just one favorite so I'll just mention the ones that I'm really into right now. hehe
So far, I've been keeping up with Penny Dreadful, Mr. Robot, Elementary, Daredevil, Agent Carter,
Seriously go check those shows out if you haven't already.
Or if you have, feel free to chat with me about them! haha

8. What's the funniest most random thing you've ever seen?
HAHA this is great cause I actually have one in mind. I was thinking about it in Biology class a few days ago and was trying really hard not to laugh.
Last year, our Socials Studies class went for a field trip to this really old town so that we could see all of the preserved buildings. While we were walking through the streets, my friend wasn't paying attention and hit a fire hydrant. I WISH I FILMED IT AT THE TIME. HIS BODY WENT ALL WONKY AND STRETCHED LIKE IN A CARTOON.
I was laughing so hard at the time... I mean, his poor crotch. Nobody else in the class saw aside from me (cough) and the teacher. HAHAHA

9. Do you have any pets?
Nope, but I wish I did.
I'm not a good caretaker with pets though.
All my goldfish died and our dog was shot. :XD:
Although the dog thing had nothing to do with me.

I really want a cat though.
Or a tiny dragon.

10. These are dumb questions aren't they?
Oh, pfft.
Not at all!
You did a great job :iconjotunheimreject: :hug:


For my questions, I want to know...
1. What is one really good movie that you've seen recently? It doesn't have to be one that came out this year.

2. What is the worst Christmas gift you've ever been given?

3. What is the worst Christmas gift you've ever given to someone else?

4. Do you have any memorable embarrassing moments? 

5. Have you ever had a really bad/funny/embarrassing picture taken of you? Please describe in great detail. Ahem.

6. What is a song that you are currently obsessed with?

7.  Have you ever had a supernatural experience or something that you just can't find any rational explanation for?

8. Who are your top five favorite characters and why?

How do you react when there's an awkward silence in a conversation?

Do you have any weird things you do when no one is in the house? (Like me)

As for tagging, I tag :icondimitrikjr:, :iconhwilki65:, :iconposhke:, :iconaemiliuslives:, :iconwickfield:, :iconsummersworld:, :iconfacenomingllama:
Do it if you're free and up to it, guys!
No pressure~

...Except you, :iconfacenomingllama:
You do this.

Nighty Night by LamourDanimer
Nighty Night
I'd like to introduce one of my new characters, Zelda who's going to be the protagonist of a comic I'm working on called 'The Ones Afraid of the Dark'.
She has been developing for a while and right now, I feel like I'm finally starting to see who she is. I haven't completely got a hold of her character, but she's getting there.

Zelda still has no last name and even her story isn't clear to me just yet.
But I definitely know that I want her story in a comic format and that it's going to be in the horror-fantasy genre.

So far, what I think is going on in the story is Zelda is somehow moving into an old, large estate to live with her grandmother. Somewhere along the story, she also winds up travelling the spirit world~


Edit: Touched up highlights, hair, and the outline.

I was going to do some type of background for this but I feel like the piece works well enough without it!
SWAN LAKE - Sketchdump - 11-23-2015 by LamourDanimer
SWAN LAKE - Sketchdump - 11-23-2015
Some more Swan Lake update.
Cover ideas, costume designs, random doodles, and whatnot.
The sketches of Rothbart that are colored are actually pretty old (well, they're from last year) but I still kind of like them and they never really went up anywhere so I thought I'd include them here. Yep, Roth is a smoker in this.…

I've been planning a Swan Lake character line up soon. I'll probably put it up near the end of next month assuming school will let me have free time to work on it. Either that, or I'll just work on it near the end of next month and hope I can finish in time.
Von Rothbart - 'Salesman' Look - Reference by LamourDanimer
Von Rothbart - 'Salesman' Look - Reference
This wasn't really meant to be uploaded which is why it's rough but I haven't put up anything for Swan Lake in a while, so here's something to show it's not dead.

I was joking with :icondimitrikjr: about how this was Rothbart's "shifty salesman" look so that's just what I'm going to call it. I doubt it'll appear in the comic just because the detail on the shirt is too much and I really don't want to be drawing that necklace for multiple panels. :XD: So this look is meant for posters and covers only.

Also, you guys really need to check out this beautiful sketch that :icondimitrikjr: did based on this look!…
And dat nipple ring tho.
Send him your love and check out his gallery!!~


The costume was based off of one of these designs:…

Rothbart loves his jewellery.
I decided that he probably makes them out of magic, and/or steals them when he's charming some unsuspecting person.

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